Donald Trump Announces Top Performers At His Inauguration! Get Ready For THIS

Liberals own the entertainment industry, and this became a huge problem at the time Trump invited celebrities to perform at his inauguration.

Well, guess what? Trump didn’t care at all. No lame liberal is going to take his victory, no matter how hard they try. He cares about all Americans, that’s all.

However, some groups accepted his invitation. Rockettes will sure rock.

After all the pressure from race-baiters, The Talledega Marching Tornadoes from the historically black Talledega College also accepted the invitation.

Jackie Evancho will sing as well, and this boosted her sales.

Trump has The Mormon Tabernacle Choir by his side as well.

Boris Epshteyn, director of communications for the inaugural committee, announced that the inauguration parade will be enriched with 8,000 participants and 40 organizations – the best of America. Representatives from the military, NYPD, and veteran service organizations will also attend the inauguration.