Meryl Streep Cornered By Conway To Admit Everything She Said on Trump Was A LIE!

Donald Trump has a lot to thank Kellyanne Conway for since she has been the best ambassador of our President- Elect since the very beginning. Last night at the Golden Globes show, Meryl Streep came out with what was supposed to be a touching and deep speech on intolerance and hatred and how we have to change this…and then she went after Trump.

But , Conway did not leave anything on chance and quickly responded to this immediately. At the ceremony, Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. Demille award for lifetime achievement in acting.

Then, she decided not to express her gratitude, but to go all political and not in a good way.

However, Streep was not ready to face the backfire that this scene of hers would cause.

We all know that Hollywood is mostly liberal and democrat- oriented, but going to these extents is simply appalling.

Conway spoke her mind it the right time and said all the correct things regarding this. We never once hear Meryl Streep talk about the kidnapping, shooting, BLM and similar scandals that overtook America in a glance. What, did THIS not happen?

The double standards that the liberals hold is beyond disgraceful and we hope to see that change in the near future- which is week and a half away.