NEVADA: Shocking Voter Fraud Revealed-Trump Might Have Lost The State!

Nevada’s Clark County is facing a voter fraud accusations after new proof of it was released after an interview with Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan.

In an interview with NewsMaxTV, Vaughan offered a valid return mail, certified by the US Postal Service.

Plenty of the voters in question were actually departed and the return mails were sent to vacant lots.

NewsMax TV Las Vegas reports:

District 15 registered numerous celebrities, like Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and as Mr. Vaughan even tested a sample of 200 people of the 9,200 return mail, after which he discovered  that about 185 really cast their votes.

Some of the people were even told that they already voted when they went to the polls. Because of this, they received provisional ballots only countable if the total vote count was within 1%.

Other irregularities were also noticed, among which were early voting numbers flipping on a daily basis. Exactly 17,086 votes were cast in District 15 for both Republican and Democrat candidates. About 9,200 voters on the voter rolls who, legally must not be present at the voter rolls is a shocking data.

This return email was sent to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske as well. She sent the issue back to Clark County to be investigated.

The 9,200 fraudulent votes in question happened in a tiny Assembly district. Nevada cost Trump about 27,000 votes difference.

Trump is allowed to question and analyze the voter fraud, as soon as Obama stops being president. Nevada is now responding to Trump’s future Attorney General Jeff Session’s words.

One retired immigration officer, ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold, confessed to  Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that in America it is totally possible to create false documentation and vote.

Breitbart details:

This interview happened after Donald Trump stated he would have won the popular vote, if the voting process went regularly.

Democrat and Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, illegally gave 60,000 felons voter registration cards. This was also addressed by Trump.

Furthermore, about eight million adult illegal aliens live in the United States illegally.

Of course, the media never reported on this. However, the Daily Mail received a report from voter experts who said it was possible that outer forces voted on Election Day (note the irony).

Donald Trump was strong enough to continue talking about this problem during the campaign and the feds and media were powerless to stop him.

What Trump plans on doing regarding this, is unclear, but he won’t leave this problem unresolved.



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