Tucker Carlson Condemns Meryl Streep and her Lying, Anti-Trump Speech: ‘She’s No Outsider’

After the Golden Globe awards, Meryl Streep has become the center of attention due to her anti-Trump tirade, but all reasonable people should know better than to buy what hardcore liberal lies the Hollywood actress was selling. Streep’s misleading speech has been analyzed from ever angle, save from this one.

Tucker Carslson from Fox News took on live TV to completely debunk and chastise the actress’ phony speech. Check out the video below.

Carlson claims that Meryl Streep is no outsider and that she is one of the most eminent Hollywood faces, and the most well-paid actresses saying things that suit the audience. Her speech was nothing more than an offense on U.S. democracy.

We couldn’t care less what Streep or everyone like her has to say about the upcoming president, he has proven his presidential potential time and time again, and he has at least four more years to leave an everlasting mark on America.