Barron-Mania! Littlest Trump is the Most Popular Family Member in First 100 Days

Donald Trump may be commanding all the attention—and Ivanka all the ire—but the breakout star of the Trump administration’s first hundred days, it turns out, is Barron Trump, Donald’s youngest son by current wife Melania.

Barron hasn’t even moved into the White House yet—he and his mom plan to relocated this summer, after he finishes out the year at his tony Upper West Side grammar school—but according to a survey by social media publishing company SocialFlow, he’s the most talked about member (and most often defended) member of the Trump clan.

According to the study, stories about Barron, and especially stories about how he should be off limits from critics anxious to ding the Trump administration on anything and everything, were the top-read stories on social media in Trump’s first 100 days, and united both left- and right-leaning readers.

“At a time when so much seems to divide our country, this is one example of how people from all parts of the spectrum share a common value: keep the children out of it,” said Socialflow’s CEO Jim Anderson. “And if we can find one common shared value, it’s a good bet there are others.”

It may be hard to believe, but Barron beat out even Trump’s immigration ban, his actions in Syria and his ongoing battle with North Korea for top billing (though a story about a judge overturning Donald Trump’s travel ban was the most read story overall).

That probably means that Barron can expect a lot of attention when he finally takes up residence in the White House this summer, and unlike the attention given to the rest of his family, it should be mostly positive. First Ladies, First Kids and even First Siblings (like Billy Bush) are usually remarkably popular even if their dads, husbands and brothers typically aren’t.