Japan Deploys Biggest Warship To Protect Against North Korea

Tensions between the North Koreans and the United States are at an all time high. North Korea just cannot seem to get it through their head that they might not want to keep threatening President Donald Trump like they have been recently. We are seeing an unprecedented amount of threats coming from the North Koreans and it is starting to put President Trump over the edge.

Trump has promised military action should these threats continue. And, well, they have continued and it looks like they will continue until he makes a very big move. The North Korean leadership acts like children in the way they do business. They will not back down even when they know there is nothing they can do. Why is this? Because they truly believe that President Donald Trump will never do anything.

Boy, are they wrong. Trump now has the support of every country in the world. That includes North Korea’s only ally, China. Even China has come out saying that the North Koreans need to stop what they are doing right now. But they continue.

This is putting American lives in danger. Now, Japan has taken action too. They have dispatched their largest warship to aid the United States ships that are already deployed on the Korean peninsula. This is a big sign that something might be happening soon. We can no longer ignore this kind of obvious threat from Kim Jong Un. He is the only true leader of the country and he is the one that must be stopped. Unfortunately, he does not have a single reasonable bone in his body.

What else can Trump do in order to make the Koreans stop? His options are very limited at this point, so be on the lookout for something big coming.