BREAKING: Putin Issues Surprise Trump Announcement, Media Stunned

The mainstream media hates that Trump is capable of working with our rivals. They lie about Trump’s connections with Putin and intentionally put pressure on American-Russian relations.

Putin has surrendered to Trump’s Syrian concerns. In order to  protect Syrian civilians, Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a plan for the establishment of buffer zones, saying, “As far as I understood, the American administration supports these ideas.” Trump wins again!

This story upsets the mainstream media, big time. These are the types of stories we like to see, patriots. Obama could never have negotiated a deal like this. Trump really is the “master of the deal.”

The Left is in full panic mode. They cannot stand seeing Trump succeed. They will try to paint this as a loss, or they will say this is proof Trump has Russian connections. We know this isn’t true.

After eight years of Obama, it is nice to finally see a competent president. We need to make sure that more conservatives are voted into office, because this is a great winning streak. The Left is having a meltdown.

Our military is finally being rebuilt after the devastating Obama era. We will build new ships, tanks, bombs, and weaponry for our brave soldiers. Best of all, we will support our veterans. This is a great change from the past.

Obama didn’t care about our veterans. He didn’t care when the veterans weren’t receiving the care they deserved at the Veteran’s Administration. Now, we will fix our broken system.

Liberals don’t like the military. I don’t understand it, but it is probably because they hate victory and strength. The Left doesn’t like to compete. They don’t understand the point of competition, which is why we need more conservatives.

The RINOs are just like the Democrats; they hate competition, as well. Thankfully, Donald Trump is applying pressure to the RINOs, so we will finally drain the swamp. We will take care of Syria, too.

The radical Islamic terrorists need to watch out for Trump. With Trump’s expert negotiating skills, the whole world will reject radical Islam, and we will restore order. We are not going to let Sharia law replace our system of laws and rules.

The Left needs to surrender and admit failure. They cannot be trusted, and if Clinton were in office, the Syrian situation would have deteriorated into war. We need to make sure the Left doesn’t return to power.

Obama and Clinton are probably plotting the a grand return, and we shouldn’t be surprised by that. Obama is likely furious that Trump has undone all of his job-killing regulations. We now have a pro-American president who cares about us hardworking Americans.

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