California Democrats turn on each other over Trump and other legislative issues

It appears that the California dreams are over for the Democratic Party, and the nightmares are just starting.

The California Democratic moderate and progressive wings have turned on each other over unsuccessful legislations and President Trump, where the radicals are blaming the moderates for their failures.

As reported by Politico, euphoric over a contested race for state Democratic Party chair and the foundering of a single-payer health care measure, activists have organized demonstrations at the Capitol.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said he received threats to his life after shelving the health care measure late last month, and security at the statehouse was tightened after demonstrators obstructed a floor session last week.

… Democratic leaders fear that the rhetoric and thirst for new costs could get out of hand, compromising the party’s across-the-board dominance of state politics.

All of this has become more relevant than ever as California has made itself the bastion of anti-Trump resistance.

Reggie Jones-Sawyer, a liberal Assemblyman, has called the party that they should not be “fighting one another” and “tear the party” — trying to remind them that they are on the same team.

Liberal California lawmakers have led themselves to believe they are “a forthress of the opposition” to the Trump administration.

They have tried to enforce high-profile bills “to deny the new president on climate change and immigration.”

Even though they have somehow been successful, “liberal activists have fallen short in other areas, unsettling progressives across the country who view California as a state in which they should be racking up wins.”

It is obvious from the growing intolerance among the Democratic ranks that the Left is not as uniform as it likes to believe.

Donna Smith, the Executive Director of the Progressive Democrats of America Donna Smith said, “It’s more than a disappointment, watching how it plays out there in California. For Democrats, for progressives, [health care] really encompasses everything that’s going on in the country at the moment. And California…is so critical, and California is this incubator of what happens in Democratic politics.”

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