Hawaii District Judge denies state’s request for clarity on Trump’s travel ban

A U.S. judge in Hawaii rejected the state’s request for transparency on President Trump’s travel ban and said the issue should be handed over to the Supreme Court.

The decision U.S. District Judge Derrick  Watson in Honolulu suggests that the limitation on entry for visa applicants from six Muslim-majority countries and immigrants around the globe that were imposed on June 30 will most likely stay in place till the High Court attends to the matter in October, after their summer recess.

Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said that the Department of State’s understanding of close family relationships was too limited in not including grandchildren and grandparents, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, uncles, aunts, nieces, cousins, and nephews.

Derrick also said that only the Supreme Court can make it clear what it means, saying the government must continue to allow people who have a “bona fide” relationship in the U.S. permission to enter.

“The scope of the travel and refugee bans badly needs to be resolved and not just according to the Trump administration’s interpretation,” Chin said in a statement Thursday after the decision was made.

 “While we understand Judge Watson’s direction to address our request to the U.S. Supreme Court, we must evaluate that against the normal course of order as it relates to appeals and the clarification of injunctions. Whatever course it takes, we will get this resolved.”

One Justice Department official said that they are glad of the decision the District Court brought.

“If the plaintiffs elect to proceed, we are confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will again vindicate the president and his constitutional duty to protect the national security of the U.S,” the official said.

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